How to Winterize Your Garden and Give Yourself an Early Start to Spring

Putting your garden to bed for winter is very valuable, and a few careful steps executed now will save you effort in the long run! Here are a few ways you can prepare so you can jump right into planting season come spring. Why Winterize a Garden? Preparing your garden [...]

Commonly Asked Questions About Worm Castings

Ready to have your questions answered about worm castings? Read on and get the full scoop about this amazing product! What are Worm Castings? In short, worm castings are worm poop. However, keeping it short is underselling this product greatly. As worms digest food and other materials, they break down [...]

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Soil Amendments: What You Need to Know

Soil amendments are great for helping improve soil structure, provide nutrients, and promote healthy plant growth. If you’re not sure where to start with them, here’s your gardener’s guide to soil amendments! Why Add Soil Amendments? Soil is a complex ecosystem containing minerals, organic materials, and countless organisms. What makes [...]

Raised Bed Gardening Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Deciding to start a raised bed garden is a wonderful choice! However, this kind of gardening isn’t foolproof, and mistakes can happen. Here are a few common raised bed gardening mistakes to avoid – as well as tips on how to prevent them. Not Planning Enough If there’s one thing [...]

Top 7 Benefits of Mulching Your Garden

Want to keep your soil healthy and happy? Start mulching your garden! This practice offers many benefits, so let’s go over the top seven it can offer your garden. Provides a Natural Barrier to Stop Weeds Routine weeding is one of the more tedious gardening chores. But mulching can help [...]

5 Reasons You Should be Testing Your Garden Soil

Want to help your garden out this year? Perform a soil test! Here are five reasons why you should be testing your garden soil. Where to Get a Soil Test? Before we get into reasons why you should be testing your garden soil, we need to answer where to get [...]

Garden Planning: Plan for Next Year’s Garden

When it comes to growing a productive, attractive garden, planning is essential! It will not only save you time and money, but it will save you some headaches during the gardening season. Here are some tips to make your garden planning successful. Identify What Worked Out (and What Didn’t) Start [...]

Choosing the Right Gravel for Your Project

There are many ways in which gravel can be used and just as many variations of the stone! The type of stone you need will depend on what garden project you’re completing. Read on for help in choosing the right gravel for your project. Gravel Benefits Gravel can be both [...]

Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

At Beaver Lakes Nursery & Landscape Supply, we’re all about keeping it organic. But why? Read on to learn more about why we’re passionate about natural, organic fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers can be hard on earthworms and micro-organisms in the soil. Why Organic Fertilizers Chemical fertilizers are easy to [...]

Tips for Making a Pollinator-Friendly Garden

Thinking about changing up your garden? You can design a garden that is not only beautiful for you but also provides a helpful habitat for pollinators! Here are our tips for making a pollinator-friendly garden. Plant Native Not just any plant will make a pollinator-friendly garden. You need plenty of [...]

Best Drought-Tolerant Perennials for Your Garden

Gardeners in Colorado face a lot of challenges with persistent droughts, hot summers, and tough soil conditions. Luckily, you can make things easier by choosing drought-tolerant perennials that will thrive in your garden. Here’s a list of some of our favorite drought-tolerant plants that both you and your water bill [...]

5 Herb Gardening Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Getting into herb gardening can be very enjoyable and rewarding. It can also seem pretty simple, but lots of us fall victim to common herb gardening mistakes in the beginning. No worries! To avoid frustrations, here are 5 common mistakes you might make when starting an herb garden, and what [...]

Vegetable Gardening Basics You Should Know

If you’re wanting to enjoy the best vegetables you’ve ever eaten, it’s time for you to consider starting your own vegetable garden. It may seem daunting, but with our vegetable gardening basics, you’ll be set on the right track and on your way to eating delicious, homegrown veggies in no [...]

Tips for Preparing Your Garden for Spring

A great garden requires a lot of preparation and maintenance to develop. Before you get into the frenzy of seed sowing and growing, here are some tips you should take to prepare your garden for a successful season! Keep your gardening tools with blades sharp to improve their cutting.  [...]

Winterizing Raised Garden Beds

Fall is officially here, which means one thing: Winter is coming. The Western Slope can receive anywhere between 19-175 inches of snow on average--depending on your elevation. Are you and your raised beds ready for snowfall? Keep reading to discover three tips on winterizing raised garden beds. Step 1: Weed [...]

How to Build a Fabulous Fall Garden

Psst...we are going to let you in on a secret: Fall is a fabulous time to harvest cool-weather crops! Now that we are in the middle of August, there is no time like the present to start preparing you bed for a fabulous fall garden. Fall Garden Soil It's always [...]

Herb Spiral: How to Build One

Although you may be able to picture what an herb spiral would look like, you may be wondering, "What exactly is an herb spiral and why should I build one?" Herbs add zest to your home-cooked meals. Building an herb spiral creates ideal conditions, or microclimates, for each [...]

Building a Blissful Backyard

Have you ever been pea-green with envy of your neighbor's beautifully lush garden, or are you one day dreaming of winning the yard-of-the-month? At Beaver Lakes Nursery in Montrose, Colorado, we offer the best organic solutions and expertise in building and maintaining a blissful backyard. The Right Stuff Beaver [...]

Raised Garden Beds vs. In-Ground Gardens

Have you ever wondered about what the differences are between raised garden beds and in-ground gardens? We love raised garden beds because you have more control over the growing conditions and many times, raised beds can be better for getting vegetable gardens to really produce their full potential.  Soil in [...]

Mycorrhizal Fungi and Cannabis

It takes a lot of water, light, nutrients, and energy for any sort of plant to grow. But there is an easier way for plants to grow! By forming relationships with certain beneficial fungi, plants can benefit and grow faster. Mycorrhizal fungi are a type of beneficial fungus that [...]

Neem Oil: A Natural Bug Repellent

Neem oil is extracted by the intense squeezing of the inner kernels from neem seeds. The oil from the kernels is collected and the residue left over is neem cake. Neem oil is a great all-natural, organic pest control that is safe for use in gardens and around kids, pets, [...]

Using Neem Cake as an Organic Slow Release Fertilizer

Neem is a tree native to India and is known for its great pest control properties. Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of the neem tree. The byproduct of neem oil production is neem cakes. The neem cakes are the residue left after extracting the oil. Neem cake is [...]

Xeriscaping to Create a Drought Tolerant Landscape

Xeriscaping is landscaping that promotes water efficiency. The word "xeriscape" was coined by combining "landscape" and the Greek word "xeros," which means dry. A well-designed xeriscape can be a beautiful addition that can invite wildlife, provide year-round interest and save water. By xeriscaping, you can create a drought-resistant landscape that [...]

6 Easy to Grow Vegetables & Herbs for Early Spring

Although most herbs and vegetables prefer the longer days of summer, there are many that do better in the cooler weather of early spring. If you're excited to get things going in the garden or if you just want to grow some of these vegetables, we've got some great tips [...]

Making your landscape more pet friendly

Pets are great to have and make great companions. Sometimes though, they can make a mess of your landscape. You also have to be careful of the plants you install in your landscaping. And you have to watch the treatments, chemicals, and fertilizers used to make sure they are pet [...]

A Guide to Container Gardening

Not everyone has the luxury of having a big backyard or lots of space for a larger scale vegetable garden. But you can still grow great vegetables in small spaces, even on an apartment balcony or patio. You just need to know the right vegetables to choose and how [...]

Don’t Purchase Potatoes, Plant Them

Who doesn't love potatoes? You can eat them so many different ways, they are filling, and quick to prep. Not only can you bake them, fry them, or boil them, they are great mashed, sliced, diced, chopped, or whole. Yes, potatoes are fairly easy on the budget, but why buy [...]

Plant and Grow for Years to Come

Gardens can be a lot of work, but can also be very rewarding. Whether you have a little space or a lot of land, you can have a garden that grows amazing crops every season. So, if you love the idea of growing your own food in your garden, but hate [...]

Growing Great Cucumbers

Some of the most popular plants grown in gardens include tomatoes and peppers, and cucumbers come in just behind those. Cucumbers are highly favored by gardeners because they grow quickly, and make a bountiful harvest. There are a variety of cucumbers you can choose from to best meet your taste [...]

The Perfect Garden Borders

When landscaping you will want to have a defined line between your gardening areas and yard. A border between your garden and yard keeps unruly grass out of the garden and flower beds, and gives your landscape a beautiful look. There are many different ways to landscape your "garden edging." [...]

Gardening for Beginners

Gardening can be such a rewarding and relaxing hobby. Although it may seem weird saying something involving manual labor can be relaxing, it's true. Gardening keeps you active and reduces stress levels, therefore allowing you to be relaxed. Gardening can also be good for your health. Allowing yourself to relieve [...]

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