Xeriscaping is landscaping that promotes water efficiency. The word “xeriscape” was coined by combining “landscape” and the Greek word “xeros,” which means dry. A well-designed xeriscape can be a beautiful addition that can invite wildlife, provide year-round interest and save water. By xeriscaping, you can create a drought-resistant landscape that needs little to no extra water and very little maintenance. You will save water and money by landscaping with native plants. Many of these native plants are also resistant to deer, chipmunk, and other critters in the area that may bother your plants.

xeriscaping with native Colorado flowers and rocks

Cost savings

Converting all or some of your lawn or existing landscape can save you money. 51% of household water use goes to the lawn and landscape. The average lawn will use 35,000-50,000 gallons of water a year to keep it nice and lush. It will cost the average household $300-$400 per season just to water the lawn, not to mention fertilizers and other treatments to keep it looking green and weed free.

rocky path in an xeriscape garden landscape

Use plants and flowers native to western Colorado

There are many benefits of using native wildflowers, bushes, trees, grasses, and other plants. Once these native plants are established, they rarely need more than what the natural rainfall provides. These plants also are more adapted to the local soil conditions and don’t need extra fertilizers. Native flowers and plants are also more resistant to insects and other pests in the area.

Xeriscaping is low maintenance

Once your xeriscape is installed, it is really low maintenance. Because you won’t water the plants nearly as much or at all, weeds will be very slow growing and are much less likely to take over an area. You won’t have to worry about plants wilting on hot days if they don’t get water. And using native plants mean that you won’t have to replant every year and you won’t have to worry about them becoming invasive.

If you need to stock up on organic fertilizers, mulch, decorative gravel for you xeriscape, or other needs for your landscape, feel free to stop in or contact us about any questions you have!