Cannabis & Hemp Mixes

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We have been creating soil mixes since 1997 and through those years we have done many, many soil tests as well as side by side (Grow Test) and through all of this, we have developed time tested and cost effective Soiless Mixes which produce excellent results and won’t break your bank.

We believe that with Cannabis and Hemp becoming more mainstream that as folks ingest it in all ways imaginable (eat it, saves and tinctures, smoke it, etc) that the product itself (plant) needs to, by necessity, be organic and all natural (i.e. Healthy).  We don’t want to find out 20+ years from now that the use of synthetic growing products through the years has perhaps killed you via some illness or disease. Grow natural, it’s common sense!

We use all natural “Base Ingredients” to create different base mixes depending on the different combinations of how we put the base mixes together.

The Base Mix Components Are:

1.) Compost
2.) CoCo Coir

3.) Peat Moss
4.) Pumice
5.) Alfalfa Meal

6.) Perlite
7.) Rice Hulls

Examples of “Base Mixes” are the following:
Compost20%25%20%20%Use any combination you want.
CoCo Coir30%25%20%15%We can make it.
Peat Moss20%20%20%30%We Dig Dirt!
Rice Hulls10%10%20%15%

To these “Base Mixes” we add all natural and/or OMRI Listed Organic Ingredients to create various strength soiless mixes. We have a 3 Month Mix for Greenhouse Growers wishing to do several 3 to 4 month grows per year. This mix is designed for very strong vegetative growth for the first two months and then diminishing nitrogen as the plants go into flower. We also have a 6 Month Mix for those perhaps growing outdoors. We can create other combinations, but you get the idea.

The All Natural and or OMRI Listed Amendments we use and sell are as follows:

1.) Neem Cake & Neem Oil
2.) Feather Meal
3.) Blood Meal
4.) 8•3•1 Bat Guano
5.) Cottonseed Meal

6.) Alfalfa Meal
7.) Fish Bone Meal
8.) Bone Meal
9.) 0•12•0 Bat Guano
10.) Crab Meal

11.) Crustacean Meal
12.) Kelp Meal
13.) Volcanic Rock Dust
14.) Glacial Rock Dust
15.) Azomite Rock Dust

These are the macronutrients we blend into most of our mixes in varying amounts. We have numerous other amendments (see our Organics Section) as well as other plant growth enhancers.

You can buy Cannabis/Hemp Soil in one of two ways:

The First Way. Our Mile High Mix which contains all the organic stuff listed above. With this method, the soil is full of everything a growing plant needs for the entire season. That said, teas and nutrient rich mulches applied from time to time (especially pre-flower) are always a good idea. They make you feel like you are doing everything you can for your girls going into flower. I believe that this is what God had in mind when he created the plant kingdom. This plan has been working amazingly well for about 10,000 years. All you do is add water with teas/mulches (optional). Main point, the nutrient rich soil feeds the plants.

The Second Way is to buy the “Base Mix” of your choice with no nutes in it and put your plants on a feeding program. We prefer the natural way, but that said, numerous folks on various feeding programs also get very good results. Sometimes due to different situations it might make more sense. This method (with its numerous feedings) generally cost more money than “Mile High” Mix and for sure more labor. Main point in this method, the fertilizer feeds the plants.

In the Cannabis Soils business, there have been fads and gimmicks which come and go every year. One year you are a moron if you don’t use this or that and the next year you never hear a word about it. Why? Because it’s another year and now another new fad (gimmick). A few of these items do some good, most just help you drain your bank account. Stick with the time proven basics and your results will be great, simple and very cost effective.

One truly great product is Mychorrhiza specifically (Glamus Intraradices) now known as (Rhizophagus Irregularis) – that’s a mouthful! This Mychorrhiza forms a symbiotic relationship with the Cannabis roots. The root expands its size due to the Mychorrhizal hyphae which makes the root system larger. The hyphae “give” to the plant Phosphours and other things good for the plant. The hyphae in turn gets some carbohydrates from the plant. Too much Phos. in the soil early in the plants life can retard this hyphae growth. It’s kinda complicated but it works and especially when inoculated directly on the plant’s roots. Much more can be said on this. Read up on it. In general, keep it simple and grow organic as it’s more forgiving and the way nature in the forest does it (ie. Soils feed the plant’s roots). Good Luck and God Bless!