When landscaping you will want to have a defined line between your gardening areas and yard. A border between your garden and yard keeps unruly grass out of the garden and flower beds, and gives your landscape a beautiful look. There are many different ways to landscape your “garden edging.” These choices range from recycled items to traditional edging, and we have come up with a variety of options to help you choose a border that fits your style best.

1. Stone

A very common, and very easy to install border  is one using stone blocks. These are very easy to install, and require little to no prep work. The blocks are easily laid in either a straight line, or able to from curves and are laid at the boarder of the gardening area, pushing them up to the grass. Typically just a single row of these stone blocks will work, but you are always able to build the border higher by stacking blocks, if need be. These stone blocks come in a few different colors, and can be purchased at home or gardening stores and add a clean look to your landscape.

2. Cinder Block

This one requires a slight amount of work, but will add a unique look to your garden. You can use cinder blocks to separate your garden area from the grass, and add some plants while you do it. The blocks can serve as a boarder, and planting space at the same time. Fill the holes of the blocks in with planting soil for more spots to put whatever you would like to grow in them. Another thing you can do to make this border even more unique is paint the blocks, you can make them whatever color you like and bring another pop of color to your gardening space.

3. Scrap Wood

This a fun way to create a border, and add some extra color to your gardening area. Collect scrap wood of all different thickness and lengths, you can always cut the wood to the length you want it. Then you can choose to leave the wood as is, or paint the pieces with various colors. After you have your wood scraps ready, you will use a hammer or wood mallet to put the pieces into the ground where you want your boarder to be. Vary the colors, lengths, and thicknesses to create a unique look.

4. Rock

This is another common, yet classic look for a garden border. This method is great because you can collect everything you need, without spending a dime. Although, you can purchase the rocks if you would like. Once you have acquired rocks in various sizes you simply lay them where you want to create the border. In order to add more uniqueness you can use a mixture of colored rocks, and bigger variation in sizes. This type of border will add to the beauty of your landscape.

5. Wine Bottles

This is a unique border that will definitely catch everyone’s attention and make your landscape different. Instead of throwing away your wine bottles, when you finish them, remove the labels, clean the bottles really well, and use them for your garden border. Choose where you want your border to go, and begin sticking the bottles upside down in the ground. To create more contrast and a more unique look alternate colors, and stick the bottles at different depths to create different heights.

Creating the perfect garden border for your landscape is easy to do with these ideas! Feel free to comment or email any other border ideas you have. Share this article to spread the creativity!