Some of the most popular plants grown in gardens include tomatoes and peppers, and cucumbers come in just behind those. Cucumbers are highly favored by gardeners because they grow quickly, and make a bountiful harvest. There are a variety of cucumbers you can choose from to best meet your taste bud desires. If you are wanting to grow cucumbers, or have grown them in the past and not had the best luck then follow these tips for growing cucumbers. If you follow these tips you’ll be sure to be rewarded with plenty of cucumbers when it comes time for harvest.

1.Use Nutrient-rich Soil

Your soil should be loose and full of nutrients. Cucumbers require many nutrients because they are heavy feeders with a fast and rich growth. In order to have loose soil full of nutrients you should mix decomposed manure or compost into the top few inches of your soil. This will add organic matter and nutrients for the plants, as well as make the soil lighter and looser, allowing healthy root growth. After your cucumber vines begin to flower add a layer of some more compost or aged manure to the top of your soil.

2.Use Mulch

Adding mulch around the base of your plants is great for your garden, no matter the type of plants you’re growing. In order to prevent weeds, retain soil moisture, and help regulate soil temperature you should add about two to four inches of mulch. Another benefit of mulch is it will keep your cucumbers from coming in direct contact with the soil. There are different types of mulches for different needs, you can always talk to a local nursery and make sure you are getting the right type depending on the application its being used for.

3.Keep Soil Wet

Cucumbers not only require a lot of water in order to grow, they also need consistent water. You should water your plants one inch of water a week and even more if you’re in a hot, dry environment. The root zone of the soil should be moist at all times, but not saturated. A great way to maintain this is by applying water using a soaker hose or drip irrigation, this will keep the moisture off the foliage.

4.Install Trellises

Trellises are a great way to help you use your garden space more efficiently. Trellises will also increase the air circulation through your cucumber vines, and they will make picking your cucumbers a lot easier when it comes to that time. Trellises can be bought at local garden stores, or you can even build your own.

5.Avoid it Being too Hot

Cucumbers enjoy the warmth of summer, but you have to be cautious. Cucumbers aren’t big fans of consistent temperatures over 90 degrees. High temperatures can affect the quality and discourage fruit set because the heat will produce an excessive amount of male plants compared to female. If your cucumber plants will constantly be in heat of around 90 degrees or more, you should add shade to block sunlight and keep your plants cooler.

6.Harvest Quickly

Keep a close eye on your vines, especially so when you start to see cucumbers developing on them. Your cucumbers will grow quickly, and when they reach the appropriate size for the variety planted, harvest them as soon as possible. This will keep the fruit from becoming bitter and will encourage the plant to continue producing more.

When you decide to grow your cucumbers come see us for all your soil, compost, and mulch needs. Feel free to comment or email us with any other suggestions.