There are many ways in which gravel can be used and just as many variations of the stone! The type of stone you need will depend on what garden project you’re completing. Read on for help in choosing the right gravel for your project.

Gravel Benefits

Gravel can be both functional and decorative and varies in size, shape, and color. It can be the main focus in a garden, a complementary feature, or serve a more functional purpose. There are many benefits to using gravel in your garden, including:

  • Drainage: It provides natural drainage benefits and can make your garden puddle-free.
  • Highly durable: It can stand against rain, snow, or any adverse weather conditions.
  • Drought resistant: It can be used as mulch and help plants survive hot weather.
  • Reduces maintenance: It requires no mowing, watering, or feeding to keep it looking nice.
White smooth gravel trail leading away from camera into a green garden.

For garden paths, you need something that will compact and will be soft underfoot.


For garden paths, you need something that will compact and be soft underfoot. If the gravel doesn’t compact, then it can be kicked across your yard as you walk across it. Gravels with a diameter of ¼ in or less will make the most comfortable walking surface. Choosing a type that has smoother, rounder edges will be best as it will be less likely to hurt your feet than sharp ones.

Flowerbeds and Around Trees

Gravel is a very effective mulch for plants because they prevent evaporation of the soil surface and aren’t prone to moving due to wind, unlike wood mulch. Anything ¼ or smaller can be moved more easily, so a medium-size gravel will be perfect for flowerbeds and around trees. Keep in mind a smooth type will look more decorative than something with rough edges, but rough gravel may stay in place better.

Supporting Fence Posts

Gravel can also be used for structural purposes, like supporting fence posts to keep them upright and stable. This can be a much more attractive option than placing them in concrete. Pea gravel is a popular option for landscaping projects for their stability as well as appearance. For an even more secure base, combine the pea gravel with sand.

Decorative Features

While there are many functional uses for this material, there are also decorative ones. You can create rock gardens, use them to accentuate water features and pathways, and decorate birdbaths or small garden statues. Gravel also comes in a wide array of colors to suit your aesthetics and tastes. Some popular types are marble chips, river rock, and black obsidian.

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