Who doesn’t love potatoes? You can eat them so many different ways, they are filling, and quick to prep. Not only can you bake them, fry them, or boil them, they are great mashed, sliced, diced, chopped, or whole. Yes, potatoes are fairly easy on the budget, but why buy them when you can grow them all on your own? Growing potatoes is actually easier than you might think, and you can grow them even if you don’t have a big backyard or garden to do so. We are going to tell you about a few different ways you can grow your own potatoes.

1.In Rows

This is the more traditional way of growing potatoes. You will dig trenches about four to six inches deep that are about three feet apart and in straight rows. Mound up your soil between your rows, you will use it later. Next you will place your seeds about 12 inches apart and cover them with at least three inches of soil, and water the potato bed well. Once the potato shoots sprout, use the soil from between the rows to bury the stem halfway, and repeat this process throughout the growing season. For better results use mulch around the plants to keep the soil cool and weed free.

2.In Garbage Bags

So you’re wanting to try the method of growing potatoes in a container? A garbage bag is a cheap and easy way to do this. When using this method you’ll use pieces from a larger potato, making sure each piece has at least two eyes (grow points), these are the small bumps (stem buds) in the potato from which a new plant can sprout. If you’re using store potatoes to start this process it is important to look for fresh, “certified” disease-free “seed potatoes” because many grocery store potatoes are treated in order to prevent “the eyes” from sprouting. Make sure to poke holes in your garbage bag to provide ventilation, and then you will fill your bag with a few inches of soil. Use just a few pieces of potato in each bag, and then cover with another inch or two of soil. Once you are done “planting” the potatoes you will roll the bag down so that it’s just a few inches above the top of where your soil is. When your potatoes start to sprout, add more soil to cover them half way, unrolling the bag to compensate for the growth, repeat these steps until the potatoes are fully grown. You can also opt to use grow bags, they are a little bit more pricey, but some people prefer them.

3.Mulch Method

If you don’t have great soil you can use the mulch method. This involves “planting” potatoes without actually planting them. You will lay the potato seeds on top of the soil, and cover them with a good amount of mulch. Just like the other two methods, as the potatoes grow you will add more mulch to keep them covered and out of direct sunlight. This is a very simple method, but if you have critters such as rabbits or deer that wonder often, this may not be the best option for your plants.

Have you ever tried growing potatoes? We would love to hear about the method you used along with your results, send us an email. When you are ready to plant your potatoes come see us for any of your soil or mulch needs.