Greenhouse & Garden Mixes

We blend several time tested greenhouse and garden mixes. These blends are made from all natural basic inputs such as Peat Moss, CoCo Coir, Compost, Pumice, Perlite, Rice Hulls, Alfalfa Meal and Topsoil. With different combinations of these Base Mix components which make our different mixes such as Greenhouse mix, planters mix, Garden mixes, etc. We add different amounts of OMRI listed organic fertilizers and other all-natural fertilizers to create well balanced blends that work very well while still being affordable.

Our mixes, especially when bought in bulk amounts, compared to buying small bags in big box stores are way more affordable and always as good as or better than comparable cost soils. So many of our repeat customers constantly tell us this.

potting mix makes your flowers grow big!
Quick Reference:
Potting SoilsGreenhouse MixGarden IGarden IIPlanter Mix60/40 Mix
1.) Compost0%20%20%25%35%40%
2.) Peat Moss40%20%15%10%15%0%
3.) CoCo Coir40%15%20%15%0%0%
4.) Pumice0%12%17%10%0%0%
5.) Perlite0%10%0%0%0%0%
6.) Rice Hulls20%10%0%0%0%0%
7.) Top Soil0%10%25%38%50%60%
8.) Alfalfa Meal0%3%3%2%0%0%
Read More About What’s Included:

Our Potting Soil Mix is a very, very good Germination Mix if you have lots of seeds to plant .  You will get an excellent Germination Rate.   And if you feed the plants, you could leave them in the pots along time if the pots (bags) are large enough for the roots. Used both as a Germination Mix as well as Potting Soil (when plants are on some kind of feeding program).   (Which by the Way, WE HAVE!)

Our Greenhouse Mix is a base mix of Compost 20%, Peat Moss 20%, Coco Coir 15%, Pumice 12%, Perlite 10%, Topsoil 10%, Rice Hulls 10%, Alfalfa Meal 3%, 0•12•0 Bat Guano, 8•3•1 Bat Guano, cottonseed meal, and our OMRI listed organic 5•3•2 fertilizer. This mix can be used obviously in greenhouses but also outdoors as a raised bed Garden Mix. It does outstanding with veggies.

Our Garden 1 Mix is another example of an excellent raised bed Garden Mix. Garden 1 and our Greenhouse mix are our most popular Veggie garden mixes as they are still affordable and yet work real well. Before adding fertilizers, talk to us.

Garden I Mix is a blend of Compost 20%, Peat Moss 15%, CoCo Coir 20%, Pumice 17%, Topsoil 25%, Alfalfa Meal 3%, 0•12•0 Bat Guano, 8•3•1 Bat Guano, and our OMRI listed 5•3•2 organic fertilizer. Again, visit with us first before adding much if any fertilizers.

Our Garden II Mix also is a blend of Compost 25%, Peat Moss 10%, CoCo Coir 15%, Pumice 10%, Topsoil 38%, Alfalfa Meal 2%, 0•12•0 Bat Guano, and our OMRI listed 5•3•2 Organic Fertilizer. This is a good mix but for sure you’ll need to be on some fertilizer program. Talk to us.

As the years go by with hopefully many good grows under you, your soil will need some amending either need food or needs better drainage or minerals or perhaps all three. No matter, we have it all and at affordable prices. All Natural Organics is our thing. It’s a blessing to be able to grow your own veggies all naturally.