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The majority of our trees are grown in root control grow bags. Grow bags ensure a high probability of the tree thriving once it is replanted by the customer. There are several reasons they help a tree get “back on its feet” after planting:

  • ​the tree never gets dug up as with a ball and burlap tree​
  • about 85% of the roots survive and thrive in a bagged tree versus ball and burlap tree
  • a bag grown trees are much lighter and homeowner friendly and that machinery isn’t needed in order to plant the tree.

We carry needle trees such as Colorado blue spruce, Austrian pine, Pinon pine and Junipers.

Deciduous trees we carry are Oak, Birch, Canada Red Cherry, Crabapple Oak, Honey Locust, Maples, Cotton Less Cotton Woods, Linden and more.

Our trees are grown with our custom organic soils and compost mixes to ensure a strong healthy selection for your landscaping designs.  We have a lot of knowledge about trees and excellent pricing. 

Ask our team today about our different varieties of trees.

Superior Tree Supplies