Neem Cake is an excellent natural, organic fertilizer. Typical N-P-K of 4*1*2, and it also contains azadiractin, which is a natural compound that affects bug's hormones. It causes them to forget to eat, messes with their egg production, and, in general, diminishes bug populations dramatically while not being a poison. It is actually used by humans in lotions, toothpaste, shampoo, and more. We love neem as an excellent natural fertilizer and soil conditioner. It creates, nourishes, and promotes plant growth and resistance to pests while improving soil quality. Neem is a must for vegan organic gardening. Works very well in tandem with other organic amendments such as crab meal, kelp, fish bone meals, etc.

Neem A                            #44 Bag - $70.00            $2.25/lb

Neem B                            #55 Bag - $54.00            N/A

Below is a list of the ingredients we use that will make flower beds, gardens or cannabis jump out of the ground.

* fish bone meal * alfalfa meal * neem cake * crustacean meal * feather meal * bat guano * sea bird guanos * compost * worm castings * chicken manure * soybean meal * azomite * basalt mineral dust * endo and ecto mycorrhizal products * liquid fish emulsion * liquid kelp * kelp meal * Pure Uncut Cold Pressed Neem Oil 

These and more are imputs to aid in specific nutritional needs.  As far as base materials for soil mixes, we have:

peat moss * rice hulls * coco coir * perlite * pumice * lava (1/4" minus) * azomite * basalt rock dust * gypsum * compost * fish compost 

We make standard lab tested mixes that we know work and custom mixes are also available.

Fish bone is a far better source of phosphorus bone meal in that it is not sourced from feedlots and/or slaughterhouses which are almost always using bones from steroid and/or hormone fed cows. Ocean and freshwater fish are generally presumed to be much more pure. Fish bone meal is a slower release phosphorus than bat guano, so we use it in our initial cannabis nutrient kit as a longer term source of phosphorus, while adding high phosphorus bat guano just before flower time as a fast acting boost for maximum bud development. Our fish bone's N-P-K is 4*17*0 and is an excellent long term phosphorus.​

Fish Bone Meal   4*17*0             #50 Bag - $61.00         $1.71/lb

Gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate. It is a great source of sulfer and calcium and is widely used as a fertilizer.

Gypsum                                                                #50 Bag - $15.00

Gypsum Bulk                                                       1/2 Yd     - $55.00



No soil mix with just the "hot" ingredients such as kelp, neem cake, crab and shrimp shells, fishbone meal, feather meals, bat guano, etc. would be complete without the mineralization components (micronutrients) that are totally necessary for plant's structure and growth. Plants are only as strong as their weakest link. We use a combination of 4 micronutrient providers and they are listed below.

We at BLN & LS are very dedicated to providing our customers and friends with an oustanding array of organic imputs for your soils - most of which is O.M.R.I. listed as organic.  I say "most of which" because some very good products such as fish bone meal, shrimp shell and crab shell (crustacean meal) are hard to get as O.M.R.I. listings as it comes from the ocean.  The folks at O.M.R.I. like to know exactly what all the imputs (food) are in an amendment.  In the case of ocean products, the fish, crab and shrimp, no one can know what the animals ate, so O.M.R.I. won't bless it with their listing.  We use O.M.R.I. listed products every chance we get.  Why you should like it is because in the case of garden crops or cannabis where you'll be ingesting the crop constantly, you should be particular about what you rub on yourself, smoke or eat.

Volcanic rock dust is found just above the equator in

an ultra-rich, tropical microclimate in Indonesia. It is bountiful in trace and essential minerals that plants may need for superior growth. It contains naturally occurring hydrophobic fulvic acid and can also be used in composting and worm bins. Great stuff!

Volcanic Rock Dust             #55 Bag - $49.00         $1.25/lb 

Natural compounds for extraordinary growth

From the earth

At Beaver Lakes Nursery & Landscape Supply, our staff is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date organic supply possible. Choose from our huge inventory of organic and natural amendments.

Glacial rock dust is a huge assortment of elements and minerals. We use Gaia Green, a Canadian company to get the best product. If you visit their website, there is a complete .pdf which will show all their micronutrients. 

Glacial Rock Dust                                              #50 Bag - $32.00 


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Neem Cake

Basalt Rock Dust

Crustacean Meal is derived from crab and shrimp shells. It is a moderate source of nitrogen and high in calcium, and its N-P-K is 4*1*0. Crustacean meal is also a good source of chitin as well as chitinase, which aids in nematode destruction. It is another organic natural fertilizer, which works well with other organics.

Crustacean Meal               #40 Bag - $52.00           $1.85/lb

We carry two different guano varieties sourced from two different Indonesian and far east locations. Our 8*3*1 guano is a high nitro, fast acting natural source of nitrogen, while also providing phosphorus and potassium in good amounts. Our 0*12*0 guano is a great source of phosphorus , and being fast acting and very finely ground, is an excellent mid-July topdress just before flower and bud time begins. With a texture of baby powder, it is water soluble and can be poured around the root zone before and during flower time. Great for big, hearty buds.

Bat Guano   8*3*1                #44 Bag - $54.00            $1.75/lb

Bat Guano   0*12*0             #55 Bag - $54.00            $1.75/lb

Volcanic Rock Dust

Bat Guano

Watch your garden grow!

Hot Stuff

Crustacean Meal

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We now have 30% vinegar, which has two major uses. It is a great natural way to pH water from any source where the water is above pH 7. If you wish to veg at pH 6.2 and then later flower at pH 6.8, then natural vinegar is an excellent way. Most people water 3-5 times a week so that an ongoing pH regimen with this natural pH adjuster is both inexpensive, natural, and can be done during each watering.

The second use for 30% vinegar is weed control. This product is very acidic, even if diluted 2 to 1, it will burn any plant. Multiple applications over several weeks will kill roots of very tall weeds. 

Vinegar                          1 Gal. - $24.00                 1/2 Gal. - $14.00

Our family offers organic products that help your garden and landscape thrive by giving your vegetation the right nutrient rich compounds. Strengthen your garden from the root to the plant. As us about how organics can create a nutrient-rich environment for your landscape.

Fish Bone Meal

Glacial Rock Dust

Crab meal/powder

Basalt rock dust is a huge assortment of elements and minerals. We use Gaia Green, a Canadian company to get the best product. If you visit their website, there is a complete .pdf which will show all their micronutrients.

Basalt Rock Dust                                        #50 Bag - $32.00 

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We have both a powder (fast acting) and a meal (slower release). Both are high in calcium 25% and also magnesium 2.2%. The N-P-K (Nitrogen - Phosphorus - Potassium) is 3.1*2.7*0.3, so it provides moderate amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus, and exceptional amounts of calcium. We use it a lot in our coco based cannabis mixes for the above reasons, and especially the 2.2% of magnesium, which coco based mixes need. It also aids in nematode destruction and prevention.


Crab Meal   3.1*2.7*0.3              #40 Bag - $44.00         $1.55/lb

Crab Powder   3.1*2.7*0.3        #40 Bag - $44.00         $1.55/lb

Achieve incredible growth

with organic products

Kelp Meal

Kelp is grown completely submerged and in salt water - do you know of other plants that can do that? Kelp contains serious growth hormones! It has high amounts of iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, as well as vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, amino acids, Omega 3 fats, etc. Kelp also contains cytokinins (growth hormones responsible for cell division in plants). Kelp, with all its minerals, trace elements, growth hormones, enzymes, and proteins is beneficial at several stages of a plant's growth - root development, veg growth and bud set. It can be mixed into soil or used as a foliar spray (early in the morning is best), or a meal mixed into the soil. Both methods used together is by far the best method. Kelp liquid in teas is also very important!

Kelp Meal                                                               #50 Bag - $112.00 
Liquid                           1 Gal. - $39.95                   1/2 Gal. - $22.00