13890 Marine Rd. Montrose, CO

  • 1 cu yd will cover

  • 1" deep - 320 sq. ft.

  • 2" deep - 160 sq. ft.

  • 3" deep - 110 sq. ft.

  • 6 cu yd will cover 1000 sq. ft. @ 2"

Over 40 Selections

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We have over 40 selections of colored gravels in different sizes and colors for all your landscaping designs. Buy gravel and mulch from the largest supply yard in Montrose and you'll get expert advice for all your landscape ideas.

We also carry all sizes of landscape fabric (a 15 year grey) and (a 20 year composite black heavy duty). Mulches are in several consistencies and designed to stay put in high winds. Shredded cedar and chocolate brown mulches are our most popular as they really bring out shrub and flower colors.  Our custom mulch varieties are home made with the best ingredients to help your plants flourish.

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