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Yes. You do not need to rely on heavy fertilizers and nutrients to produce a bountiful crop. Let us show you how to have a thriving garden from natural organic compounds.

For the best quality and yield, we also carry fresh brewed scientific compost tea and nutrient teas on site (Brewed to order only, please allow 48-72 hours’ notice).

At Beaver Lakes Nursery & Landscape Supply, our team strives to give every customer the most naturally made products possible. That said, we currently do not offer soybean and cotton seed meal products due to their heavy exposure to GMO and pesticides sprayed onto them during the growing phase.

We’ve also taken note to the production of feather meal as a byproduct of the chicken industry which often includes beaks, feet, internal organs and feathers. Not to mention any antibiotics and chemicals used while raising said chickens. Bone and blood meal also can contain questionable products as a result of the cow butchering industry.

Our ingredients are heavily researched to ensure the cleanest, most natural source for our consumers.

Our custom soil will give your plants the nutrients they need to spring back to life!

  • Top quality topsoil
  • Compost
  • Peat moss
  • Organic fertilizers
  • Aspen bark fines
  • Volcanic Pumice and Lava Rock
  • Worm Casting

We also have many, OMRI listed organic soil amendments which in most cases would make our lawn mixes, flower bed mixes and garden mixes even better in that they aid in soil mineralization, the adding of specific nutrients in bug detering effects of things such as neem oil, neem cake and crustacean meal. See our price list our detailed mixes and pricing.

Specific Soil Testing

We're big into testing not only the individual ingredients that go into our soils, but also the entire mixture to make sure we're spot on in not just N.P.K. (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium), but also trace elements and minerals.  Mineralization is often on the back burner to N.P.K., but it is hugely important and, if out of sync, will create issues you don't want.  What you do want is a balanced sustainable living soil.

The Primary Ingredients

Unlock the potential of your

soils with custom creations.

We create various soil and soil-less mixes for specific uses depending on your gardening needs.  We create lower end mixes of primarily topsoil, compost, and OMRI listed organic fertilizers right on up to soil-less mixes which contain (everytimewecan) OMRI listed inputs. Basic components of many mixes would be items such as peat moss, perlite, pumice, rice hulls, compost, coir and more.  We add many other natural products for specific nutritional value such as fish bone meal (phosphorus and nitrogen), neem cake (nitrogen and oxidation), kelp meal, bat guano, sea bird guano, crustacean meal, fish meal, Basalt rock dust, azomite endo and ectomycorrhizal products and a lot more. Some of the above items are OMRI listed items, while some do not carry OMRI certification. We use OMRI certified organic ingredients every time we can. We cover many ingredients thoroughly in our "Organic Section".

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't see any cotton seed meal, soy bean meal, feather meal, etc. Why not?