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  • Veganic Compost - No Salty Manures!

  • Aged for Years! Not Months.

  • Wind Rowed and Turned all winter for active microbial population
  • No Weed Seeds! Thermal Composting kills the weeds

If compost is king,

ours is pure royalty!

Compost is King we are very proud ours:

Our compost tests out better than all of our local competitors, as well as some national brands such as Back to Earth Cotton Burn Compost. We test our compost every year as well as our competition to ensure the highest quality we can provide. It is made with all natural organic materials such as grass clippings, leaves, ground up wood products, etc. It is watered down then wind-rowed, aerated and turned many times during the winter months to keep the bacterial count high and action very hot (140+ degrees) to ensure pathogen destruction and rapid breakdown to a stable compost. Our compost is usually not sold until at least one and a half years old. We also screen the compost to several blends from the non-screened coarse compost to the screened medium and fine blends. Course compost makes an excellent mulch after all planting as well as to be used in gardening of flower beds as the primary soil amendment. Fine compost is truly excellent for use as a lawn top-dress for those lawns that are struggling. Compost, if you could only add one ingredient, would be the single most important ingredient to add in any soils, specially heavy clay soil.

We've been making compost for almost 20 years and have learned the do's and don'ts necessary to create excellent well rounded and stable compost.

Beating the competition every year

Ask our team today about our different varieties of compost. Let us help you breathe life into your landscape.

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Compost tilled into the soil will improve it in numerous ways.  It can also be used as a decorative mulch.  It will keep the sun and wind off the soil as an insulation.  This both retains moisture, and keeps the soils temperature more consistent.  If that wasn't enough, it also feeds the plants every time water passes through on its way down.  The fine particles in compost tend to work their way down into the soil and slowly improve soil structure and tilth.  Compost being chocolate brown is an excellent background to make your flower colors really pop!  In our opinion, it is a better choice than bark, cedar, or other decorative mulches.  The small nutritious fines in the compost help meld with the larger pieces and keep it from blowing somewhat.  Lastly, compost is usually less expensive than other decorative mulches....and we recommend you try it.  We think you will find it a wonderful addition to all your yard and gardening needs.


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