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We also make a "Mile High Maxx" Nutrient Kit, and in that kit we use our standard Nutrient Kit and add more inputs that include: Worm Castings, more Humic Acids, and we give you separately over 40,000 Spores of Endo Mycorrhizal per yard to inoculate your seeds or roots, and a 1 oz. liquid microbe mix for both foliar and soil drench. 

20 years in the soil business, we set a standard others follow. In an apples to apples test, all inputs being the exact same, we know of nobody who beats our prices.

We have been dedicated to creating excellent soils for many years. Cannabis,  as with any specific plant has a specific need to create a “perfect” soil for that specific plant. To that end, we have done thorough soil testing via Logan Labs and Ward Laboratories and researched the specific needs of cannabis.  Then we sent to the labs our soils and compost and asked them “what else and in what quantities do we need to add to our soils and compost to create perfect soil for them”. They replied with their recommendations and from there we sourced organics amendments as opposed to synthetic bottled nutrients to create that “perfect soil”. 

Our view is that with people ingesting cannabis in every way possible i.e. smoking it, eating it and rubbing it on themselves (salves & tinctures),  the soil must be natural and healthy, not synthetic. The plant after all is made from the soil in which it grew. The soil is a mix of compost, worm castings, lava and pumice rock, peat moss and nutrient kit, all blended and screened. The nutrients we use are sea kelp, neem cake, oyster flour, basalt rock dust, glacial rock dust, shrimp and crab shell, gypsum primarily.

Peat Base

Coco Base 2

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We sell other organic amendments by the bag such as our OMRI listed poultry fertilizer with an NPK of 5,3,2 with 4% calcium and 20 amino acids to add a living component to any soil. This is a slow release, mellow fertilizer which won’t hurt or burn soil chemistry, mycorrhiza, positive soil microbes or earthworms. It’s great for lawns, flower beds and gardens. We have a fantastic line of OMRI listed amendments.​​

*  Coco fiber        30%                                                                         *  Peat moss          30%

*  Peat moss        15%                                                                          *  Coco fiber           15%

*  Compost          20%                                                                         *  Compost             20%

*  Perlite               10%                                                                          *  Perlite                  10%

*  Pumice             10%                                                                          *  Pumice                15%

*  Rice hulls          10%                                                                          *  Rice hulls            10%

*  Lava                    5%

1-5 yds.                                                                                      1-5 yds.                

6 + yds.                                                                                    6 + yds.                 


*  Coco Fiber           40%                                                                                 *  Coco Fiber                 20%

*  Peat Moss             10%                                                                                 *  Peat Moss                  20%             

*  Compost              25%                                                                                 *  Compost                    20%

*  Perlite                   10%                                                                                  *  Perlite                         10%

*  Pumice                 10%                                                                                  *  Pumice                       20%

*  Lava                        5%                                                                                  *  Rice Hulls                   10%

NOTE: Other base mixes are available. Custom blends also.

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20's Mix

The plant, after all, is made from the soil in which it grew. The soil (soilless) mixes we create (several blends) are made up of what we call the "Base Mix Components" such as: Coco Coir, Peat Moss, Compost, Perlite, Pumice, Rice Hulls, Lava 1/4 fines, and Worm Castings. Next, we mix in several "Mineralization components" for all the micronutrients cannabis needs. We use high quality Basalt Rock Dust and Glacial Rock Dust - both from GaiaGreen.com (full pdf's available). This stuff is top shelf. Also, we use Volcanic Rock Dust (see our organics section), gypsum, and oyster flour. These 5 products more than cover all micronutrients. Lastly, we add in the "Hot Stuff" - that being what we call our "Nutrient Kit", which is composed of all the following products all in lab tested and bio assayed (grow tested) amounts. These Nutrient Kit products are: Kelp meal/liquid, Neem Cake, Crustacean Meal, Crab meal/powder, Fish Bone Meal, (2) Bat Guanos - 8*3*1 High Nitro and 0*12*0 High Phosphorus, Alfalfa Meal, Pre-charged Bio Char, Humic and Fulvic Acids, Endo Mycorrhizal (Glomus Intraradices), and a liquid microbe mix.

We make a regular Nutrient Kit, which is composed of Kelp Meal, Neem Cake, Fish Bone Meal, Crab Cake, 8*3*1 Bat Guano, 0*12*0 Bat Gyano, Alfalfa Meal, Endy Mycorrhizal (Glomus Intraradices), Humic Acids, Oyster Flower, Gypsum, Basalt Rock Dust, Glacial Rock Dust, and Volcanic Rock Dust. 

When we add a Base Mix (like Coco Base or Peat Base) with our regular Nutrient Kit we call it Coco or Peat based "Mile High".

Our "Coco Base" and "Peat Base" are made as follows:​​


Coco Base 1

Nutrient Kits

1 - Kelp Meal​

2 - Neem Cake

3 - Crustacean Meal

4 - Crab Meal

5 - Fish Bone Meal

6 - 8*3*1 Bat Guano

7 - 0*12*0 Bat Guano

8 - Alfalfa Meal

Weight 22 lbs.

These ingredients are the "Hot Stuff" in a nutrient kit for every yard. It's for sure nutrient rich. The mineralization components (micronutrients) of the Nutrient Kit are: Basalt Rock Dust, Glacial Rock Dust, Volcanic Rock Dust, Oyster Flour, Gypsum, and Endo Mycorrhiza. 

Total weight of a Nutrient Kit (per yard of Base Mix) is 61 lbs. That's a bunch of nutrients!

All of the above Base Mixes with a standard Nutrient Kit blended with them create a combined cost listed below.

Coco Base 1 Mile High                               Peat Base Mile High

1-5 yds                                             1-5 yds            

6 + yds                                             6 + yds            

Coco Base 2                                                 20's Mix Mile High

1-5 yds                                             1-5 yds            

6 + yds                                             6 + yds